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{Our Team}

Erica Henderson  Owner | Lead Stylist & Buyer | Vintage Lover


A collector & vintage lover all her life. She loves to bring things back to life; whether it's an old house, a funky dresser or scraps of fabric. She has an eye for finding gems & seeing beauty in the neglected, discarded & unearthed. 


Born & raised in the small coastal community of Muir Beach, California; she grew up surrounded by simplicity & natural elements. The daughter of artists; her father's a mason & mother a quilter who continue to inspire her.


Recently graduating with an MBA in Sustainable Business she launched 

Tin Roof Farmhouse as the final thesis which has now flourished into her fulltime gig. She's thrilled to bring all of her marketing, merchandising & catering experience to her clients. With an eclectic, quirky design sense she looks forward to working with you to help you create your unique vision. 

Mitch Henderson  Partner | Head Carpenter | Endless Supporter


A lover of form & function; he brings stability to all of Erica's orphaned furniture pieces that she brings home. He's a carpenter by trade & a never ending supporter of Erica's vision & the success of Tin Roof Farmhouse.


Born in San Francisco & raised throughout Marin County & all of Northern California. He spent time with his mom as far north as Anchorage, Alaska, & with his grandparents on their ranch in Elko, Nevada. 


He's spent time on the Pacific delivering sailboats, loves mountain biking on a single track & can't think of anything better than working on The Farmhouse in his free time.


He loves to create pieces for our home & now the rental collection, so start dreaming & talk to us about your vision. He'll help bring things to life.

{Our Story...}


I finally married my sweetheart of nine years & had a small ceremony on the beach with close friends & family. We were able to exchange our vows on my parents 40th anniversary as they renewed their vows on the same spot by the same officiant. It was a magical day. We had just purchased a "farmhouse" on three acres in the Sierra foothills & decided to have a large celebration with camping & a taco cart to share our vows with all of our family & friends. It was another amazing day.


We always knew we didn't quite fit in to the hustle & bustle of the Bay Area, even though we were both born & raised there. With fear & excitement within us, I recently left my corporate "day" job and we moved to The Farmhouse full time & are working on it with our own blood, sweat & tears bringing it back to life. 

We couldn't be happier!

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